lowercase resources

It’s easy enough to come up with a wordy manifesto, and pledfe to make it happen – actually making that a reality requires some effort. Here’s some resources to help. Perhaps you have some more? Contact me and I’ll add them.

Creative Commons

By default anything you create, publish, put out there… is copyright. So Creative Commons exists to allow you to give people the right to share, remix and re-use in ways you choose. Go on, share the thinking and let it go further, get better and go bigger.

See the Creative Commons website for more.

We like CC so much we’re using it for this site. See the site footer!


Traditional conferences are elitist and hierarchical – the idea of an “unconference” like a BarCamp is to remove the differentiation between speaker and audience and create a more level, collaborative and powerful way to think and share together.

See the BarCamp website for more.

Pecha Kucha

Presentations can be boorish and biased – Pecha Kucha is an innovative format allowing each speaker only 20 slides, each of which is visible for exactly 20 seconds. So you can get through more speakers, more points-of-view, more ideas to take from and challenge your own.

See the Pecha Kucha website for more.

Change A View

Why just put your ideas out there into your filter bubble to get nodded along to when you could deliberately seek to have them challenged – it’ll either strengthen our argument, or heck maybe there is another side to it. Change a view is a site that lets you do just that.

See the Change a View website.